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  1. As long as you have an OpenGL 3.0 compliant video card (Basically any video card from the past 8 years or so) you are good to go. All of the processing is done on the server so CPU should not be an issue and there is minimal processing done in your video card. Eventually I will add a screen so that you can adjust the video settings so that you will be even able to run it on a rotten potato.
  2. We currently have 3 resource types to start with. They are coded on this web site and now have been coded into the research and build screens in the game. I would like to start with these three for now and we can explore other rare ones in the future.
  3. 1-2 more weeks guys. Coding took a bit longer than planned.
  4. 1-2 more weeks to go unfortunately. Got a bit backed up in the coding.
  5. I like it. I will add fvf stats and online/offline and last time online to the in game stats view
  6. I took care of balancing because if you are a farmer you can farm res and exchange it for coins.
  7. IGW and massive frontier are two different types of games. Same basic space game premise but since you design your own hulls and have a full free trading system in massive frontier it will be much more immersive that Vega and IGW.
  8. I have been thinking of creating a store for parts and letting corporations create stores where the members can sell their parts for res / coins
  9. Yes you can get coins for repair and build time with real money or by exchanging res for coins because you are a farmer
  10. You are correct. This page and the whole game will not cost one million dollars. Not even to run for a year because well, it's on the latest technology and very efficient.
  11. It's live right now. Just go to the Massive Frontier Economy section ?
  12. You have different component types ... bridge, hull , engines, etc. Each type has a mass capacity for the equipment it can hold based on it's level and specs. Weapon hard points have a mass for weapons etc ... the ship also needs a generator to produce power to power your stuff ... and it weighs something as well. So the mechanics are EXTREMELY flexible but you have complex constraints as well. The hull builder will be one of the first things that I will be releasing this month. Here is a screen shot of your shipyard that you will be using to design and build your ships:
  13. You will be designing your hulls from parts so no need for mark upgrades
  14. I wanted a system where you can still buy coins for real money but if you are a farmer you can farm for things and then exchange them for coins. This way everyone can compete against coiners to some extent. The ability to give other players coins and resources from your account is something I have wanted to see in other games ... so I just implemented it myself for this game.
  15. After I get the base game mechanics coded I will be adding very rare and expensive resources that you can transfer to coins and other stuff.
  16. Yes. When you store your res and coins in the bank you get 0.001% interest per day
  17. Welcome! You will start seeing content increase day by day. We are in a VERY early pre alpha stage at the moment but things will be added quickly.