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Zissis Trabaris

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  1. Why is windows showing me this crap?

    Server is down right now until the next release.
  2. WTF

    Cleaning out the bots now
  3. Keep getting this  


    1. Zissis Trabaris

      Zissis Trabaris

      Please wait for the next release in 1 week or so.

  4. The login

    In game login has been disabled for now since I am making changes.
  5. PvP Sector Shards

    I promise I will read all of this but I am too busy with coding at the moment.
  6. Can I play lol

    Just download it from the link at the top of the site and log in with the same user id and password you use to access this web site.
  7. Ship building poll

    That's exactly how it works. You build the tech and then it costs nothing to mount it. The only difference is your equipment can be destroyed in battle. When in battle you can target the hull, engines, or weapons.
  8. Ship building poll

    I just added a new middle of the road answer. You can re-cast your vote if you like.
  9. Ship building poll

    Refits are instant and free
  10. Hi Zissis, I just noticed that for some reason I'm not included in the alpha testers group could you please include me in it. I'm retired and have plenty of time to give it a good shake. :)

    cheer's luv.

  11. Ship building poll

    A few thoughts on this ... Servers can handle unlimited simultaneous builds. You will need res to build so having unlimited parallel builds is not as bad as you think. You get res by parking a miner in orbit of a planet then collecting the miner's res with a cargo ship and returning to your space station. This does require work / time even though you will be able to set AI rules on your cargo ships to collect automatically ... they can be hijacked in route as well I do like the limit of how many parallel builds you can do based on the state of your construction space station.
  12. Every search grid in game can be sorted by clicking the heading of a column. You can also apply filters by clicking the down arrow on the right of each column. You can also view the search grid in excel and even export it as an excel spreadsheet for your own analysis. Is that good enough for your needs?
  13. Ship building poll

    The longest build time you will have are the current build times for battleships.
  14. Please vote in this poll.
  15. Update 1.3B WE CAN NOW BUILD SHIPS! (May 25th, 2016)

    In tomorrow's release