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Caramel Fok

Corporation + Store Mechanics

Corporation Missions Benefits + Player Store  

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  1. 1. Better Rates for completion of missions

    • No let it be as is
    • Yes + let mission rates be variable so all players do not get same numbers or stat multipliers
    • Yes
  2. 2. Should we get an algorithms based store in game for buying and selling items at system based price depending on rarity and or difficulty of attainment but not demand and supply

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6 hours ago, Zissis Trabaris said:

I have been thinking of creating a store for parts and letting corporations create stores where the members can sell their parts for res / coins


As long as it is not a supply or demand based exchange it should safe from exploitation.. the problem I have seen in other games with similar store things is people making fake accounts for getting items to price up which is why allowing the system to add variable price points or payouts is the way ahead much like investment in stocks you have to use your brain rather than watch YouTube videos to learn

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