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  1. We have discord for that its good enough in built can be a problem with matured kids trying to play a game and being stupid..
  2. You cannot stop groups from becoming friendly to each other not fight and team up against harder opponents
  3. As long as it is not a supply or demand based exchange it should safe from exploitation.. the problem I have seen in other games with similar store things is people making fake accounts for getting items to price up which is why allowing the system to add variable price points or payouts is the way ahead much like investment in stocks you have to use your brain rather than watch YouTube videos to learn
  4. Please take your time and vote this may not guarantee implementation but does put the options in que
  5. Both but options to choose. Provided it doesn't cause issues in game or pops up like FB msngr..hologram pips are nice like on a hud display at like on google eye
  6. Agree with sokar the element of surprise will be gone when people see whales.. they will stay away and avoid conflict
  7. Do we accumulate interest for lending our res to the corporation?
  8. 3 resource types shouldn't be enough to build our bases or ships ... specially a gas in that mix... a 4th resource type one that's a metallic in nature or a some type of element one that should be gathered or looted ..maybe something that is also gained passively... ratio based on player lvl and storage capacity...