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  1. Just out of curiosity, what is the expected minimum requirements to run the game it will not affect me from April but I'm sure this question will come up.
  2. Annunaki

    In game Player stats poll

    Maybe a reward bonus of some kind for taking down someone with a higher win rate.
  3. Annunaki

    Web Site Chat capabilities Poll

    What about group voice chat like a discord style system?
  4. Annunaki

    First Massive Frontier Poll!

    I don't think you shouldn't be able to see it, maybe it should be through using some sort of scanning tech or economy scanner, have it separate for fleet, individual ship, and base and have it that you have to come within a certain distance for that extra challange.
  5. Annunaki

    wish list

    Just a thought, because we have a banking system will it have an in game presents and if so maybe have it so it can be attacked, obviously it would have mega security and you'd have to be an end game style clan to be able to pull it off .
  6. I just want to stick this up as people might come in with ideas, it would be handy to have them in one place.
  7. Annunaki

    Welcome to Massive Frontier!

    Good to see it back on the table again
  8. Annunaki

    Role Call

    Anunnaki TF and Horde (for a short time)