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  1. Going further with it, going to picture how a raid works, perhaps some of these ideas can be put to good use. So, picturing me and my Corp are going against DH. First, we have to use certain ships to do it. Dark Hunger has Oscillating Field Generator, which provides multiple layers of protections against all damage types, but there's a trick. It cannot provide protections against all damage types simultaneously. Its base color will also change because of the field surrounding it. When it turns Purple, we will have to attack with Yellow damage type, which is some energy types like common Lasers, Death Rays and Scintillated Mags. When it turns Orange, we have to use Blue damage type, which is Particle guns, Eviscerators and Quantum Trays. When it turns Green, we have to use ol' fashion Red kinetic damage, anything that shoots accelerated matter, like Gattlings, Torpedoes and Corrosive or Swarmers. so far it might sound simple, but this boss is tricky, if you shoot it with the wrong color it will heal 10 times the damage. It might also disable shields for few seconds, so your hulls have to be pretty tough. The boss does constant X damage on all layer types, using the weapons of those ships it integrated. But X is divided by the number of raid participants, up to a maximum, if there's too many, the boss will flee and regenerate for short time, then come back shooting harder. The numbers offer us other advantages. For example Dark Hunger is so mad and hungry that its Logical Systems are on a complete override, each 20 seconds it will be Confused doing nothing, for 2 seconds if we are 5 players. If we are 10, it will be Confused for 5 seconds. If we are 15, DH suffers Shortages on top and its shields fail each 30 seconds for 2 seconds. If we are 20, DH will no longer regenerate on other color damage types than its own shield which will switch randomly primary colors now, for example you can shoot Red and Blue when DH went Yellow. But if we are 25 or over, it goes into rampage multiplying damage and stats, so best raid team is 20-24. The resources and loot will also be divided to raiders, better personal gains if you kill it with a team of 5, is doable but long and hard time to do it. Also, the damage done on us is decreased according to distance, so weak hulls should have long range and fly on the back. Each player controlling 1 hull in this instance, each has a on-off screen button to attack. When DH drops shields, it will no longer heal on any damage but release a protective cloud, absorbing a lot of hull damage, and release low hp drones with high damage, when drones are fighting, cloud effect is off, when drones are dead takes a time to spawn new. When DH is at 10% hp, it will trigger a 10s countdown that will kill all shooting ships in the next 30s time period, also apply some regeneration to hull. This can be disabled with Corrosive weapons or drones, which aren't technically shooting, but launch some large or nano fighters.
  2. Dark Hunger is also able to revive a new one if you kill it, another will spawn again after some time around another Black Hole, so is never in the same place and it has a limited number of avatars. But with a specific corporation Quantum scanner, they can be detected all over the universe. It will carry a lot of interesting loots! When you fight it will shoot back at all raiders with various weapons and use nasty tech effects on their ships. It can be overwhelmed because its damage is divided among the participants, so more participants, less damage.
  3. I was thinking of a mission design that will require certain items to complete. For example a sneak mission type might require a specific shuttle class to complete. This way, if the mission system is stable and awesome, there will be no useless ships and players will not be forced to scrap the old ships so fast. Also i was thinking of a sort of mission generators, where you can select parameters for the missions you are looking for and for certain reward classes. For example you are searching for a Infiltration Mission type, or Seek and Destroy, or Rescue....You can adjust difficulty from Very Easy to Insane. And you want to be paid in certain currency or items. There will be some conditions too, for example Infiltration missions might require a low profile Hull. As for Lore, i had this idea of a space monster Boss NPC covered on ship hulls, it is attracted to energy and uses the defeated ships to cover itself as in a sort of a shell, merging and using some of their engines and weapons systems. I would call it Dark Hunger and is a Raid Boss. Its origins are artificial, it was created as a sort of AI to coordinate a group of CyBots tasked to build the first ring of a Dyson Sphere, but it went mad and rogue because the star affected it unexpectedly, now is roaming the space around a black hole, what is left of its star, always seeking to merge with whatever ships are crossing its path.
  4. Or you can simply report everything to UC directly, but i was thinking these groups can be used as they are in certain operations, for example in some planetary or base operations you will use X amount of SC an Y amount of LC ship building might take a lot of SC and much less GC, while some Atmospheric Purifier Research might take a lot of GC, while some Social Improvements LVL 3 or Quantum Drive might take some more EC than any. You aren't creating a Game Zissis, you are creating a new Universe.
  5. Suggestion: Divide the resources in 5 groups, Gas Currency (GC), Liquid Currency (LC), Solid Currency(SC) and Exotics Currency(EC) and last one Universal Currency(UC). The reason for this is because in the future you can add items, thematic missions for factions maybe, events, so on, that offer a wide variety of rewards and each of them will have a base price value corresponding to one of the first 4 Groups, while units of each 4 groups have a price value corresponding to number 5, Universal Credit, which is the equivalent of Vega coins. For Example, you get a mission to retrieve a hostage out of pirates hands, but when you destroy some pirates ships you loot cargo in the debris. Some cargo is Chromium Bars, which has a certain price, other cargo is Gold Bars, which has a much higher price. All these is reported to Solid Currency, but it makes it more detailed and perhaps you going to need Gold Bars as they are for crafting stuff. You also loot a Radon Small Tank which has a greater GC value than a Large Helium Tank, or some Small Mercury Reservoir that has a much greater value than a Medium Bromine Reservoir or a Large Water Reservoir and takes much less space to store. On the way to your mission you might need to free some cargo mass taking decisions what to drop as your ship will be limited to a maximum cargo mass value. The Exotics Currency is for anything that cannot have just a material value, from a Painting of Gra'hThul The War God to some Large Antimatter Magnetic Container. And of course, back to your base, you can always convert GC-LC-SC-EC for UC. I know this is a bit more complicated, but is like preparing speed brushes in Photoshop, later it offers a really wide palette of items to construct lore or event structures pretty fast.
  6. It is possible to make items vary within limits, for example minimum price 90% maximum 110%. But the variations should be directed by demands only via a bidding system?
  7. Dangerous path Zissis, boting lurks on this road. Would be interesting to have some sort of surprise events when one has repeated too many actions of the same type, but has to be entertaining, perhaps a little rewarding, not bothersome, must not ruin whatever you are doing. Also most important , has to be unable to be solved by a bot. For example, if you are mining for long, you strike a mother load and get some extra resources, but you have to take some decisions as a human that a bot cannot solve. Or you are hailed by a NPC ship (some cloaked travelers from the Ziss dimension, haha) that wants some answers about something and they reward you with something worth the time. If unable to solve the mini event, you get disconnected out of the game.
  8. It would be interesting to see some sort of player status, where you can be Corporatist and have a set of achievements-advantages-ranks, maybe Freelancer with another set.
  9. What is the purpose of this, don't you think it will be time to break Vega ties with this game?