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  1. Sokar

    We are still setting up in here.

    Great to be here.. just to clarify.. this page did not cost 1 million dollars?
  2. Sokar

    Let’s get this rectal fountain going

    keep it about skill Ziss, remember the revs i had which could tear up anything pre "balance in VC.. , had to find the balance to fit with the weight, max everything is just a money maker. just my 2c worth
  3. Sokar

    First Massive Frontier Poll!

    I think that would be a great insight into the player, Used to hit bases where i knew they were farmers, I think coin levels should be hidden though, nothing better than suprising people with coin spam as they hit you
  4. Sokar

    I hope IGW Burns before it launches

    IGW is a scam
  5. Sokar

    Role Call

    Sokar, from GOAT /OSP/ TC/ The Brotherhood - Hoping to see some old names soon
  6. Sokar

    Welcome to Massive Frontier!

    Good to be here bro SokarGOAT