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  1. Zissis Trabaris

    where the start playing button?

    1-2 more weeks guys. Coding took a bit longer than planned.
  2. Zissis Trabaris


    1-2 more weeks to go unfortunately. Got a bit backed up in the coding.
  3. Zissis Trabaris

    Web Site Chat capabilities Poll

    No initially but eventually
  4. Zissis Trabaris

    First Massive Frontier Poll!

    I like it. I will add fvf stats and online/offline and last time online to the in game stats view
  5. Zissis Trabaris


    I took care of balancing because if you are a farmer you can farm res and exchange it for coins.
  6. Zissis Trabaris

    I hope IGW Burns before it launches

    IGW and massive frontier are two different types of games. Same basic space game premise but since you design your own hulls and have a full free trading system in massive frontier it will be much more immersive that Vega and IGW.
  7. Zissis Trabaris

    Corporation + Store Mechanics

    I agree
  8. Zissis Trabaris

    Corporation + Store Mechanics

    I have been thinking of creating a store for parts and letting corporations create stores where the members can sell their parts for res / coins
  9. Zissis Trabaris

    Web Site Chat capabilities Poll

    Please answer the poll
  10. Zissis Trabaris

    In game Player stats poll

    Please answer this following poll
  11. Zissis Trabaris

    How payment for goods works

    Yes you can get coins for repair and build time with real money or by exchanging res for coins because you are a farmer
  12. Zissis Trabaris

    We are still setting up in here.

    You are correct. This page and the whole game will not cost one million dollars. Not even to run for a year because well, it's on the latest technology and very efficient.
  13. Zissis Trabaris

    First Massive Frontier Poll!

    Take the time to answer this poll.
  14. This feels SO SMOOTH!

  15. ok, so, where is the chat line?


    1. Zanarian Bee

      Zanarian Bee

      oh!  is this it?

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      Utopian Empire

      This looks like it.