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    You will see content added on a daily basis. This is very much a pre-alpha game. I just wanted you all to get your accounts online so that you can follow along in the progress in real time. Don't mind the dust for now πŸ˜‰
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    keep it about skill Ziss, remember the revs i had which could tear up anything pre "balance in VC.. , had to find the balance to fit with the weight, max everything is just a money maker. just my 2c worth
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    Lookin good so far mate, keep up the good work.
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    You have different component types ... bridge, hull , engines, etc. Each type has a mass capacity for the equipment it can hold based on it's level and specs. Weapon hard points have a mass for weapons etc ... the ship also needs a generator to produce power to power your stuff ... and it weighs something as well. So the mechanics are EXTREMELY flexible but you have complex constraints as well. The hull builder will be one of the first things that I will be releasing this month. Here is a screen shot of your shipyard that you will be using to design and build your ships:
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    [LMF-A] 𝕯𝖗 π•―π–Šπ–†π–™π–
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    I wanted a system where you can still buy coins for real money but if you are a farmer you can farm for things and then exchange them for coins. This way everyone can compete against coiners to some extent. The ability to give other players coins and resources from your account is something I have wanted to see in other games ... so I just implemented it myself for this game.
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    it is really interesting to see a commercial theme like this, to invest for future gain, in addition to exchange of subjects, in other games I can be full of subjects for weeks without being able to do anything, but the case of getting to exchange them with other players and / or coins of the game is very striking and intriguing to see how players can interact in this way
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    After I get the base game mechanics coded I will be adding very rare and expensive resources that you can transfer to coins and other stuff.
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    GunthAAAr from FFF, happy to join and i will try to help
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    Off to a great new beginning, the website and economy is looking good 🍻
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    Utopian GL -- (LORD / IF / IFX)
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    WinstonSalem (Swarm)
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    The Texan from TCBW is here. Bacon anyone?
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    Cyphris Blasa/GOAT/LMF
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    Fat Chickens (Leader of the NPC Quantum Corporation)
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    We now have a full in game economy system complete with a Bank. You can trade resources and coins between members and deposit them into the bank so that they can incur interest!