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    Caramel Fok ICU HailDfist
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    ρяσмму ρ. (ICU, SR71, LMF-A) I’m the alliance whore
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    Necromongers (ICU)
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    Fat Chickens (Leader of the NPC Quantum Corporation)
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    You will see content added on a daily basis. This is very much a pre-alpha game. I just wanted you all to get your accounts online so that you can follow along in the progress in real time. Don't mind the dust for now 😉
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    Welcome to Massive Frontier. This web site is fully integrated with the game and acts as an extension of your game play. We have a full economy system that can be used for players to trade resources or coins within the game.
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    Atlas [ICU] Get this game rolling Ziss 😈
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    Discoveryman,tripplenipple and a few other names... DFA/DOC/ICU retired from vega when they removed the skill and fun......now waiting for a game worthy of its replacement.
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    Cyphris Blasa/GOAT/LMF
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    CodeAldnoah (GOAT/UNK/OSP/SR71)
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    Sokar, from GOAT /OSP/ TC/ The Brotherhood - Hoping to see some old names soon
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    Utopian GL -- (LORD / IF / IFX)
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    WinstonSalem (Swarm)
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    The Texan from TCBW is here. Bacon anyone?
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    psycho (osp)
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    We now have a full in game economy system complete with a Bank. You can trade resources and coins between members and deposit them into the bank so that they can incur interest!
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    This is a free to play game. When you buy items or pay membership fees for Corporations you will see a cost in dollars. You can use res or coins to pay for all things. 100 coins = 1 dollar for example. When you check out on your order you will be given an option to pay with coins or res. Welcome to the intergalactic economy.
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    I can’t wait to play been waiting since I first heard! Years ago mind you...but still excited as hell! Keep up the good work Ziss!
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    I just want to stick this up as people might come in with ideas, it would be handy to have them in one place.
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    Good to see it back on the table again
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    Tothril. I am Edward in STAR in Vega.
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    Anunnaki TF and Horde (for a short time)
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    We shall see, would be fun if this hobby project got up and running faster than IGW lol
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    NassosK (ANC2) good to be here 😉
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    Good to be here bro SokarGOAT