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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions by category


  1. Client Software Technical Questions

    Technical questions about the client software

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  2. In Game Account

    Questions about your in game account

    • No posts here yet
  3. Space Stations

    Questions about Space Station creation and use

    • No posts here yet
  4. Corporations

    Questions about creating and managing Corporations

    • No posts here yet
  5. Equipment

    Questions about researching and using equipment

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  6. Fleet Battles

    Questions about fleet battles

    • No posts here yet
  7. Ships and Fleets

    Questions about researching and building ships and fleets

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  8. Trading

    Questions trading between players and Corporations

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  9. Resources

    Questions about in the resources and their use

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  10. Closed Beta

    Questions about the closed beta program